Few words about me

My name is Bartosz or just Bart.

Originally from Poland, but years ago i decided to visit beautiful Ireland to get new expirience and see the second side of the rainbow. At the moment my home is  Galway.

I cover all Ireland from West to East , from Donegal to Cork even from Bantry to Belmullet. I can be with you no matter where you live!!!


My wife use to call me an artist, in sarcastic way, but you Know what? She is dame right!!!

I love to creating memories and demonstrating myself, I love capturing souls, not only a smiles. I absolutely adore what I do!!!

The point of view is always different and give me great satisfaction. Do not be surprise if you will see me climbing on wall, fixing bride dress, playing with a children or making clown of meself.

Many people asking me how I become a photographer. My brother in low got a camera for himself, I was very exiting about it, what I am saying, I got crazy about it. I lost in imagine world, everything around me started look different, I started noticing details, how much beauty is all around. I start realize that the photography has change my everyday experience. By the way, my brother in low became a shoes maker, He did so far two lucky pair for me, which I always wearing on a wedding.

It is a long way for me to be a great photographer, it is serious challenge, I learning something new every single day. Everyone sees things differently, the way I see a world is unique, I always trying be a story- telling, a stunning photos on the wall put a smile on my client’s faces, that what I want.

Why me?

Imagine you are sitting around big box of photos with friends and family, there would be a lots of talking, laughs, stories, jokes, maybe even a tear or two. Imagine that few years ago you send me a email, and that how a story begin…